Hourly Paid Lecturers

Associate Lecturers and Visiting Pracitioners

Nearly a third of all academics at UAL are hourly paid: 32.5% of academic staff or 3410 Associate Lecturers and Visiting Practitioners. For further information about these roles, please refer to the job descriptions for Associate Lecturers and Visiting Practitioners.  They are on Canvas so you will need to be logged in/or to log in with your UAL login.

Some key rights have been successfully negotiated for hourly paid lecturers locally by UCU-UAL. Four years of negotiations improved security of employment for all HPLs, with a new agreement between UCU and UAL being made in 2016. You can read an article about the negotiation of the Security of Employment Agreement on the UCU website.

If you are an Associate Lecturer, Visiting Practitioner or a manager contracting hourly paid lecturers, you need to know about how this agreement affects HPLs.

Key points: HPLs who have 4 years of continuous service are automatically permanent members of staff. This is not the same as being a salaried staff-member, but it now gives HPLs with permanent status an entitlement to 100% of the core hours worked in the previous year. For those with 2 years of continuous service, the entitlement is to 80% of previous core hours.

The full details of hourly paid lecturers’ entitlements to hours and redundancy are included in the Security of Employment Agreement 2016 document on Canvas. One of the biggest struggles we have is ensuring this agreement is implemented. Many Course Leaders are unaware of it.

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