Strike funds

UCU Fighting Fund
If you participated in the Four Fights strike in December 2021 (or in the strikes Feb-March 2022) and can show you have had pay deducted you may be eligible to claim from the national UCU Fighting Fund for the second and third days of the strike. Detailed information can be found here.

Note that to put in your claim from the Fighting Fund, you will need to log in to myucu on the national UCU website and click on the Fighting Fund tab. You need your UCU membership number to log in to myucu.

You will need your payslip showing deductions and how many days are being taken. To see the days and rate you need to download your payslip pdf from ESS/iTrent. You will also need your bank details. 

The form itself is simple. There is section called Special Circumstances – this is where you can detail particular hardship. 

UCU-UAL Hardship Fund
We began to raise donations for this fund during the 2020 round of Four Fights industrial action and continue to do so. The purpose of the fund is to supplement what UAL members can claim from the UCU Fighting Fund in cases of particular hardship/impact from loss of earnings due to striking. It’s not an alternative to the UCU Fighting Fund and members are expected to show they have also applied to this. We require the same information as the UCU Fighting Fund for claims made (evidence of strike deductions on your payslip, bank details, ucu membership number etc).

To initiate a claim from this fund please email the UCU-UAL Coordinating Committee Treasurer, Jess Baines at

Donating to the UCU-UAL Hardship Fund
If you are not being deducted for strike action, and you able, please donate to the UCU-UAL Hardship Fund here:

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