Marking & Assessment Boycott: A Positive Way Forward?

We entered into this place called ‘Four Fights’ over two years ago, because things were #broken. We’ve given a lot since but where are we now? 

Support UAL Short Course Tutors in Legal Battle!

Short Course Tutors at University of the Arts London are fundraising for a legal case against the university in a fight against ‘Uber-style’ employment practices. Please contribute if you can — and read on to find out more. What’s happening at UAL is an insight into the bigger horrendous picture across the sector.

Stop the Attack on Modern Languages at UAL!

UAL Senior Management has decided to axe the university’s Modern Languages teaching. This proposal will result in 11 redundancies and deprive both staff and students of an essential resource. Furthermore the staff are one of the few ethnically diverse teaching departments at UAL. Selecting migrant and ‘BAME’ academics for redundancy...