UCU-UAL Rising!!

UCU-UAL Rising!!

UCU-UAL is rising! (again!) Members across all UAL branches are coming out to fight for fairer pay and decent working conditions for all. Join your colleagues and support the strike and the pickets in whatever way you can. For more info go to the Campaigns & Issues tab.

Strike funds

UCU Fighting Fund If you participated in the UCU Rising strike in November 2022 or are participating in the Feb/March 2023 and can show you have had pay deducted you may be eligible to claim from the national UCU Fighting Fund for the second and subsequent days of the strike...

UCU Rising Ballot: VOTE!

You should have received your ballot paper, and have probably had a message either from UCU national or your local reps hassling you to, yes, vote! (and Vote Yes!). So PLEASE let your local branch KNOW when you have voted. To find out more about the demands of the campaign...